Download aliens versus predator 2 pc game.Download Aliens Versus Predator 2 (Windows)

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Download aliens versus predator 2 pc game

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If, on the other hand, you\’re more of a Thief fan or chose to root for the dreadlocked one in the two Predator movies, then the Predator campaign will probably be your first stop although you\’d be a fool not to have a crack at all three campaigns. It\’s very heavily used in some countries such as Egypt, Thailand, and India. Leave a review. Installer creates necessary desktop shortcuts and is ready to play.

Download aliens versus predator 2 pc game. Download Aliens Versus Predator 2 (Windows)


Chronicles of the Sword Psygnosis Limited. Fred L. Chaos Legion Capcom. Countdown Access Software. Latest added games View All.

Top rated games View All. The games you can find on our pages are no longer supported by the publishers. You will not buy them in stores anymore. The aim of abandonwaregames. Dull, dull, dull! Which leaves us with the Predalien missions, which sadly, aren\’t too great either. Generally it\’s just a case of finding the right vent to crawl through, while mincing endless droves of humans and a couple of predators into meaty strands.

However, it\’s not all bad, and the predator confrontations are harder than a kilted Scot jogging during a highland storm. While wearing no pants. Or shoes. Yes, that hard. But ultimately, the three missions are still overly scripted, bugged and again, lacking in tension or thrills. So quite bleak then compared to AvP2? But when you think the last notable thing developer Third Law Interactive did was an average FPS based on a bunch of make-up wearing rockers, perhaps it\’s not a surprise that PH is as unspectacular and predictable as it is.

Had Monolith developer of AvP2 been behind this, it would surely have been infinitely better. As it is, apart from a few frantic and hellishly hard human missions, the rest of the package only just bobs its ugly head above the mire of averageness.

Either that or you could simply re-ignite your love affair with the brilliant AvP2. In fact, that\’s exactly what I\’m going to do now, and to hell with the woman from Kings Cross. She was too expensive anyway Browse games Game Portals. Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt. Install Game. Click the \”Install Game\” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher.

Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downloads Screenshots Oh The Inhumanity Having played as the so-called good guy in AvP2 a heroic looking marine with an American accent and a jaw you could forge metal on , here you play an apparently evil Corporate soldier called Dunya, with a Russian accent and breasts like a pair of giant traffic cones.

Back then it was done so people could download it faster because complete releases with several hundred MB or even a few GB took ages with the typical bandwidth available to most people at the time. BetterThanYou 1 point. Nothing to see, move along! Asdq 10 points. The rip version only includes the Primal Hunt expansion, plus it comes with a very strange installer, quite \”fishy\”.

Then the iso version isn\’t really an iso version, the game files are split between. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you\’d like. We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us! MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Download 24 B. Captures and Snapshots Windows. See older comments 5.


Download aliens versus predator 2 pc game


The latter shows the position relative to you of any moving object including swinging chains and doors, which increases tension by causing a few false alarms and is invaluable in knowing when something\’s lurking round the corner for you, be it human, synthetic, Alien or Predator. All of the above means that the marine campaign requires you to be fleet of foot and fast of trigger finger – as in most 3D shooters.

If, on the other hand, you\’re more of a Thief fan or chose to root for the dreadlocked one in the two Predator movies, then the Predator campaign will probably be your first stop although you\’d be a fool not to have a crack at all three campaigns. As the Predator, you pick up various weapons as you go through the game, including a net gun, a shoulder mounted cannon, a flying disc weapon and a pistol, but you start off with only a couple at your disposal – your claws and a spear gun.

However, these weapons are perfectly sufficient to take on the human foes that the first couple of levels throw at you. How so? Because your primary strength as the Predator is your stealth – your cloaking device keeps you perfectly hidden from humans and synthetics, your vision device makes your foes stand out against the background and you have a zoom facility that lets you take out targets from a distance – the disc and shoulder cannon even home in automatically, making you a formidable foe.

But there\’s a catch – after all, the game would get pretty dull if you were undefeatable. Actually, make that a few catches. The targeting cursor of your disc weapon and shoulder cannon can be seen by your enemies, giving them a good idea where you are. And actually firing these two weapons deactivates your cloak, as does walking through water. Also, your weapons, your cloaking device and the medi-comp device you can use to heal yourself rely on energy – you can regenerate energy by just switching to a free-energy device called an Energy Sifter which will replenish your energy meter.

This device makes a hell of a noise when you use it though so any foes in the area are likely to cotton on to the fact you\’re there. Additionally, when it comes to fighting Aliens, you\’re not so hot – they can see you cloaked or uncloaked and whereas you can deal with a few humans up close, the Aliens are far better at close range combat than you are.

Combating Aliens usually involves backpedalling frantically while you\’re blasting away at them with your shoulder cannon. The most suprising thing about the Alien campaign is that you don\’t start the game fully-grown – instead you begin life as a Facehugger, as depicted in the movies.

With no defensive capabilities, you have to sneak your way around the corridors of the complex, climbing walls and skittering through vents till you find a lone victim to, er, hug faces with.

The next level then starts with a wonderfully gruesome view from inside your victim\’s torso, which you gnaw and burst your way out of now in the second stage of Alien development: the Chestburster. You\’re quite vulnerable at this stage and can no longer crawl around walls and ceilings; again, you have to stealthily move around the complex until you find a place with fluffy animals to nourish on and grow into an Alien drone proper.

Only then do you get the ability to hack and slash your opponents to pieces, pounce at them or bite their heads off and feed on their bodies to restore your own energy. While you might think playing as a lone Alien would require huge amounts of stealth, this isn\’t the case. Speed and cunning is more important – the latter is required to find alternate routes round the automated sentry guns that can cut you to pieces in seconds, while the former lets you get close to your opponents and take them out, especially with no long range weapons at your disposal.

A little disappointingly, enemies do tend to see you if even if you\’re hanging from the ceiling in a dark corner – in single player, at least. Multiplayer is a different story, since human players actually have to remember to look up. Unlike the previous game or the Aliens movie, Aliens vs Predator 2 doesn\’t solely take place in the corridors of a deserted colony or an Alien hive.

True, you do get to visit those locations, but you also get to wander around alien jungles as the Predator or through the corridors of the research complex and pods as all three species. The level design is pretty damn good and convincing. In fact, the game has a lot in common with the Aliens comics, which often centre around the dodgy activities of those attempting to exploit the Alien as a bio-weapon. Such attempts usually end in tears and much tearing of flesh and Aliens vs Predator 2 is no different.

All of this interspecies warfare looks superb, even on a modest Geforce2 MX; turn the detail levels lower, and the game will even run at a decent framerate on lower level PCs – we reached playable speeds on a PII But hey, when you\’re desperately backpedalling away from a horde of Aliens, you likely won\’t be admiring the texturing on the walls or your foes.

And believe me, you will be doing a fair bit of running in this game. Aliens vs Predator 2 has to be the scariest game I\’ve played in ages – the programmers have gone out of their way to shock you at every opportunity. And when you\’re not being shocked, there\’s the almost unbearably enduring fear that something\’s about to come around the corner and take your head off. The atmosphere in Aliens vs Predator 2 is so thick, you could cut it with a chainsaw.

Granted, most of the occurrences in the game are scripted and the enemy AI really does very little, but it adds tremendously to the atmosphere to be standing around a corner or crawling through a vent and hear characters nearby crying, \”Oh god, oh god\” when they catch sight of you. Or watch them fleeing when you release Facehugger specimens into the room – chaos has never been so enjoyable.

There is one area in which Aliens vs Predator 2 could be improved. That area is teamwork, or more specifically, the lack of it. While it\’s appropriate for Predators who usually work alone , the other species are historically prone to fighting in numbers. At least with the Alien campaign, for story reasons you start out as the only one around, and indeed, it\’s you who is responsible for setting the whole incident at the facility in motion.

But I\’d at least expect the marines to back up their operatives. Instead, you only ever see your comrades at the start of the early missions, standing by a dropship while you wander off to take on the aliens single-handedly for no explainable reason.

I wouldn\’t expect them to survive all the way through the game, but they should at least come with you initially. Thankfully, Aliens vs Predator 2\’s multiplayer mode does allow for teamwork so provided you end up in a team with people who actually feel like co-operating, you can take on your foes together.

Or you can blast the hell out of everyone else in the game since Aliens vs Predator 2 sports a wide variety of multiplayer modes playable over LAN or Internet. Included are the standard deathmatch and team DM; Hunt, in which one player becomes the hunter, the other the hunted; Survivor, which is similar to Hunt but that those killed also become hunters; Overrun, in which attacking and defending teams compete to either invade or survive holed up in a complex; and finally, Evac, where the defenders have to reach an Evac Point and the attackers have to stop them getting there.

And as with AVP1 , all three species are available in multiplayer, each with their superbly balanced advantages and disadvantages. One minor niggle worth mentioning is the inability to choose the order of weapons to auto-switch to, which more modern FPS\’ allow.

This means in a heated firefight you can end up running your mini-gun dry and then getting caught in your own rocket blast. After a disappointing lapse with Blood 2 , Monolith appears to have more than redeemed itself with the excellent No One Lives Forever and now the hugely playable Aliens vs. Predator 2. It captures the atmosphere of the Aliens and Predator films perfectly, from the spot-on sound effects right through to the genuine feeling of actually being one of the starring species pretentious as that may sound.

The game\’s only real flaw is the lack of any AI teamwork scenarios in the single-player campaign, but it remains markedly better than the first game, a title that was certainly no slouch.

AvP2\’s spookiness is so appealing and adds replay value in the same way that Half-Life was just too cool, you needed to do it all again. If you\’re a fan of either of the Aliens or Predator movies, or if you\’re simply looking for a great, scare-your-socks-off 3D shooter to keep you busy for ages, Aliens vs Predator 2 is an absolute must have.

Turn the lights down, get those headphones on, and if your heart rate doesn\’t increase, you might need to check that you had a pulse to begin with. SoyBaconXD 1 point. Ra66it Its because the game was never designed to be used with modern mice and their higher polling rates. If you use a very old mouse the problem is solved. I\’ve kept one by just for this game.

Ra66it 0 point. Great game, so happy to find it here, sad it\’s not on sale due to ownership rights. The game works straight out the gate. The only issue is my the mouse seems to be janky making aiming a bit hard. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. And it was all sounding so promising. Three new sets of interlocking missions they claimed, which would capture the essence of the original AvP2 and answer the questions about the mysterious artefact from that very game, the one which gives the bearer control over the acid-filled alien hordes.

New weapons, new enemies. This was to be it. The rekindling of the love affair I shared with AvP2, the game I gave my heart to last Christmas, but one to which I lost far more.

Intestines, liver, spleen, kidneys and a windpipe if I remember correctly. Oh yeah and bladder control. The single most terrifying game ever and I were once again to be reunited, entwined in a frenzied bond of blown off limbs and melted skin I usually have to pay a kind lady from Kings Cross for that sort of thing , screams of child-like fear and an endless barrage of shouted expletives as dead bodies swim in a vat of blood.

Yes it was all looking so promising when I was told what to expect from AvP2\’s first expansion pack, Primal Hunt. So just where did it all go so horribly wrong? Well, let\’s start at the beginning, which apparently, is a very good place to start.

Just like before, you get to play through three campaigns, human, Predator, and in a very slight twist, Predalien. Each of these contains three missions, which in an attempt to emulate AvP2, interlock to form one overall picture. However, try as it might to copy the best elements of its bigger sister, Primal Hunt fails in almost every way. The loser! Having played as the so-called good guy in AvP2 a heroic looking marine with an American accent and a jaw you could forge metal on , here you play an apparently evil Corporate soldier called Dunya, with a Russian accent and breasts like a pair of giant traffic cones.

At least that\’s what they look like in the shower-scene intro thanks to the Lithtech engine\’s slightly suspect character rendenng. Still, could come in handy if she wants to reserve a parking space for her APC. Eh-hem, right, where wasI? Oh yes, while showering, you\’re called away mid-lather to go and find the aliencontrolling artefact in some ancient underground ruins, leaving your boyfriend Dimitri cupping his balls in frustration in anticipation of your return.

Tragically, the Corporate missions are about as subtle as a kick in the furry spheres. Within a minute of the first mission, you\’re swamped by legions of aliens. No suspense. No tension. Just action. And that\’s how it continues. There are no puzzles to solve, just a few levers to pull and loads of aliens to shoot, and while they do crawl up walls to rake at your eyes more ferociously than a slapping wife whose just found out her husband\’s been banging her sister, the lack of suspense and failure to capture the fear of AvP2 through erratic lighting and clever use of sound, makes the whole affair less gripping than a leper\’s hand.

The final mission is superb though, and will have you unloading every round from your arsenal as you battle for dear life. Also, all three missions are monumentally difficult on the higher levels and will give even the most hardened alienslaughterer an exhilarating challenge, due to the sheer numbers and toughness of the enemies.

So on to the Predator campaign. What a joke this one is. Apparently the most important campaign of the three in terms of storyline, it turns out to be little more than a pathetically cobbled together set of substandard missions, gelled weakly with some ill-thought-out and uninspired cut-scenes.

Watching a bunch of predators waving at each other incomprehensively, looking like they\’re having their first stretch of the morning instead of mapping out an essential mission to liberate a priceless artefact, then running off in random directions and leaving you with a sidekick who gets stuck behind a pebble does not, in my estimation, constitute a gripping plot.


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