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Fast forward to today. I have outgrown my addiction to Trophy Bass II and have moved on to bigger and better things. The selection of fishing games on the PSX is still the same. I had almost completely forgotten about that time in my life until I received an innocent-looking package from FedEx with Konami\’s name on it.

As I innocently ripped open the package, I had no idea what I was in for. What is this? A fishing game for the PSX? A warm feeling started to grow in my belly and seeing that largemouth bass on the cover brought it all back, but now I will not have to hide in shame. A fishing game for the PSX! From what I understand, Fisherman\’s Bait is a port of an arcade game, and it really shows.

To get right to the point, this game was pretty disappointing in terms of a simulation, but not bad if you think of it as an arcade game. It is that simple. If you are looking for the real thing, you might as well stop reading now. If you are looking for action on every cast, this game may hold your attention a little longer than it held mine.

The game basically has a couple of modes of play, but the only one really worth playing is the tournament mode. This puts you in a three-day competition to bring in the heaviest haul of bass. Each day you have to catch a fish large enough to qualify and move on to the daily tournament competition. The tournament competition takes the three largest fish you catch and compares the total weight against other fictitious fishermen.

If your pot at the end of Day 3 weighs the most, you are crowned the bass champion and win the big trophy. This game does do some things right to go along with doing some things wrong. I will start off with what they did well and move into the bad. The first thing they did well was to give the player a great selection of lures to use. You have seven different lures that range from top water to bottom dragging.

You can change the colors of the lures to match the water conditions. This will give you an opportunity to try fishing all the different lures that you would fish in real life. Another thing they did that worked really well was the process of fishing itself if you are using an analog controller.

This is one of the most creative uses of the analog controller I have seen to date. The left stick controls the rod and the right stick controls the reel.

To cast, you push in on the right stick to start your cast. When the cast meter gets up to the point that you want to cast your lure, you press the stick in again. That is not the cool part, though. The cool part is the way that you crank your line in. You rotate the right control stick in a clockwise motion, just like cranking in a reel. Aside from the sore thumb, this worked great.

It takes a little practice and you will have to build up strength in your thumb, but once you get the hang of it, you will really like this method. For those who are faint of thumb, you can use the standard buttons to crank in the reel, but that ruins one of the best parts of the game. The other thing that is cool about the game is the view of the fish after you hook one.

Instead of watching the boring fisherman stand there and crank, you will get a switching camera view that will zoom in on the fish, showing him jump, dive or take a big run. When the action on the fish gets a bit less exciting, the camera will zoom back out to the fisherman. I thought this was a great touch because you got a great idea of how big the fish was and what species it was.

You would always know if you had a bass that was worth battling in, or if you had a catfish that you should try to break off. It is just hard to describe how much excitement it added to the game to see a close-up of the largemouth bass jumping out of the water. Now for the not-so-good. First off, the game was way too arcade for my tastes. On the medium setting, you will catch a fish of some type on almost every cast. How real is this? I think there is a delicate balance that must be achieved in a fishing game between too much action and not enough action.

This game has way too much action. It gets to the point where if you don\’t catch a fish on every cast, you start to think there is something wrong. The other thing that made it feel arcade-like was that there was a stupid timer going on in the tournament. I am not talking about the day clock, because that was necessary, but you had a timer that would count down. As you catch fish, time is added to the timer. If it runs out, you have to continue.

This had no place whatsoever in the tournament mode. I really think they should have added an arcade mode for this and left it out of the tournament mode. Another thing that bothered me about the game is that it really did not make any difference which lure I used.

I could cast out a different lure on seven different casts and catch something on every one of the casts. Where is the skill in this? Part of the challenge of fishing is to try and find the one lure that the fish are biting on.

You have to do your research. You have to test a few things out before you find the hot lure for the day or even the hour. It would have made the game 10 times better if they would have just included this small feature. Make me work a little instead of just handing everything to me. The last thing that bothered me about the game was that there just were not enough lakes. There were only four lakes but the worst part was that you could only pick from six to eight fishing spots on the lake.

You did not have full control to explore for the secret fishing hole. The game basically dropped you in the middle of the fishing holes. Once again, give me a freakin\’ challenge. Finally, my biggest complaint is that you have absolutely no control of what fish you catch. See, there are a number of different species of fish, but only bass count that is pretty lame, also.

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Download game fisherman bait 2 pc. Fisherman\’s Bait – A Bass Challenge (GE765 VER. UAB) – MAME machine

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WebDec 01,  · Download (41 MB) silakan download dan lihat sendiri file sizenya. PERHATIAN: klik download untuk download gamenya, setelah itu kalian tunggu 5 . WebDownload Fisherman\’s Bait 2: Big Ol\’ Bass for psx. How to install and setup Fisherman\’s Bait 2: Big Ol\’ Bass on psx. WebDec 22,  · – Download fisherman bait 2 for pc. Click here to DOWNLOAD Fisherman\’s Bait 2 – Big Ol\’ Bass (Clone) – Playstation (PSX/PS1) iso download |.

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