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Play this game online. You can play Prince of Persia on this website so you don\’t need to download and install the game on your computer. We recommend to. Prince of Persia – In ancient Persia there lived a Sultan who had an only daughter whose beauty was like moonrise in a clear heaven.


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Читать полностью of Persia was released in on the Apple II and received critical acclaim followed by commercial success when released in Japan the following year.

The fluid download vaio care 7 animations, considered cutting edge at the time, were based on videos of the game designer\’s brother performing stunts as well download prince of persia dos game for pc action sequences from classic films.

The plot, influenced by the Arabian Nights tales, revolves around the eponymous Prince who has been imprisoned by the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar. He has one hour to escape the dungeon and rescue the Sultan\’s downkoad who has been placed under a curse by Jaffar and given a choice to marry him or die! A side scrolling action game, gameplay consists of navigating Jaffar\’s agme and later his tower by running, climbing and avoiding traps along with Jaffar\’s guards.

As the game progresses, the Prince will also be downlload by his own doppelganger, conjured up by Jaffar to thwart him. Although simple вот ссылка today\’s standards, it\’s still very playable, the gameplay has inspired many future cinematic action platformers such as Flashback. A sequel Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow of the Flame would be released in followed by a successful gaming franchise. For a free and open-source level editor, go to popot.

Don\’t miss this fansite too : popuw. GEBBO, you can play in your web browser. Or if you have a modded OG Xbox and a copy of Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time for it, you can just go download prince of persia dos game for pc the game files and open up a full copy of the original game which otherwise requires you to beat Sands Of Time to play.

Gebbo -1 point. Hello everybody, I would like to try вот ссылка old game.

I have a windows 10 pc, which version should I download? Thanks in advance :D. Robert Gruber -2 points. It was all agreed upon by Thomas Duster and his firm of giblet Dickingsons. It went on for half a year with no input from management, they wanted it to be closed off at 3 am with no reason or malice of forethought.

In the end it was quarantined at six decimels past the 4, all with his agme Roderick Broderick and his army of Stephensons. Nice touch from the developers. Still, I do like do for the time it was made in. Thank you for keeping these old titles alive! Iam Play this game in windows xp with no sound thank you for give idea :. Austin 1 посетить страницу DOS version.

Zoe 1 point Amiga version. Edvaldo 0 point. This game makes me feel alive inside and out and all around and all over everywhere at all times no matter what it takes anytime anyplace anywhere no matter what it takes. Nakula 0 point. Gary Http:// you checked the graphics of the Sega Genesis version? They\’re clearly superior. Or did you mean download prince of persia dos game for pc PrinceOfPersia 8 points.

Press Ctrl-V during gameplay to find out which version you have. Prince of Persia v1. Cheat activation code is \’improved\’ Prince of Persia v1. Cheat activation code is \’improved\’. Gary 3 points DOS version. Erratik -8 points. Bob 2 points. Remember this as a young fella, Got to the end and по ссылке the final ; albeit very confusing ending of fighting your mirror image, till I worked it download prince of persia dos game for pc.

Great game, gane bit frustrating when you die, but a great sense of achievement. Don\’t use cheats or level skips, it will only ruin the challenge and sense of achievement. Bwing 7 points. Kombamba 1 point. SebasKhan 1 point DOS version.

Hello community. I wrote a comment spanish about the game in my blog. It contains some tips for playing. K: Mata los enemigos en download prince of persia dos game for pc. R: Resucitar. ZeK 0 point DOS version. EXE file on DosBox icon. You can drop any game on DosBox icon. Abuklao 2 points. Hey guys, I absolutely love the game from my childhood.

But I am having a slight problem. I followed the how-to-play instructions, but I can\’t get the game to play at all. I\’m using Windows 10 and DosBox 0. I don\’t know what I\’m doing wrong, please somebody help.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance! Best regards, Abuklao. Albert 3 points. AexTb -3 points. I love this game.

I finish it, without saving. Is possible save? Tron 1 point. You forgot out of this world Flashback is fun, but out of this world продолжить you the best POP experience. Also, there was this horrible game on SNES called nosferatu. That is the worst of the lot. Joey Account 1 point DOS version. This game is so persis Even today its game play is excellent, Game plays great on my raspberry pi.

Classic for dis Akos 1 point. Hi, How to get through level 2? The door opening trap is not found, also the level structure is different compared to ones shown on youtube. Juan perez 0 point. Yusufylmz 0 point. This game from my childhood memories :. Servid 0 point DOS version. This was my first video game ever So many memories. My dad introduce to this world hahaha. Thank you very much! I always felt even as a 7 year old that princess was more trouble than she was worth.

Her chambers weren\’t even guarded like, could have left any time. There is a problem on downpoad 2. Some parts are missing and i\’m not able to open the final door Lifti 0 point DOS version. I can confirm that there is something wrong with version 1.

Class of 89 0 point DOS version. Loved to play this on my Amstrad with prlnce memory and a SoundBlaster Pro card! I still had the 3. Talha -2 points. DareDevil 2 points DOS version. I remember this game from the early 90\’s.


Download prince of persia dos game for pc. Prince of Persia


Download Dosbox and search and download the game file. And search google for How to use Dosbox. I have a Flight stick attached and that overrides the keys, unplug it, hey presto. I\’ve hit every key on the keyboard, and only space and esc trigger any response showing how much time is left in button of screen.

Anyone else have this problem? Press the same button when you have to fight. Two problems however, you have 5 minutes of downloaded by \”ANGEL\” crap to watch before the game begins. So you \”DIE\” when you meet the first opponent. There\’s an install file outside the folder. Just cant Download it. Thanks a lot!!! My daughter wants to play the game I played in my childhood. Thanks a ton. Thanks again Does anybody know how to skip a level? Easy as pie, except for a few small things.

Palace and dungeons you go through is full of all sorts of traps: the most scary one for me are abysses – you can see them everywhere in the game and you have to learn how to overcome them. It is important to learn how to time your jump, because if you jump a second later, you\’re gonna fall down. You have to notice the places, where you can fall through the floor.

There are also lots of traps in the form of the guillotine and the young prince could easily become 2-half prince. And last but not least, there are a number of trained enemies – Fakirs. As you advance during the gameplay, their skills improve and you start to meet smarter and harder opponents. Prince of Persia is a truly remarkable game, and even today it is great entertainment for a long evening.

A game by Jordan Mechner, which, thanks to its popularity, has received many sequels whether successful or vice versa. Post comment. Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookie policy Cookie settings. Click the link below to start the download.

The game is provided as a zip file \”as is\”. There\’s no installer. To run a Windows game you will probably need a virtual machine. Abandonware DOS is a free service. However, there are costs to sustain. Class of 89 0 point DOS version. Loved to play this on my Amstrad with k memory and a SoundBlaster Pro card! I still had the 3. Talha -2 points. DareDevil 2 points DOS version. I remember this game from the early 90\’s.

Pretty hard. Could never get very far. Maybe I should try again Dude 0 point DOS version. Yes there\’s something wrong with level 2. Also it\’s different gameplay from what I remember. I\’ll try the original version. Version 1. I\’m running the game in dosbox and seems to be a bug at level 2.

The exit door won\’t open. Does anyone has the same problem? Pink Floyd 1 point DOS version. The animation of this game was so good the first time I saw it It was one of my greatest moments in gaming. It was one of the most impressive moments I have had and I am a first generation gamer. Arenics 1 point DOS version. I did not have a PC until about 3 years after this game came out. So when I got this game it was not the newest thing and had been out for a while.

It still blew me away. The animation was incredible. Years ahead of its time. Even games like Out of this World Another World did not impress me as much as this game did. Tomb Raider came out light years after and made great use of animation like this in 3D.

This game as aged as well as any of the best PC games ever made. Still great fun! Drifter 1 point DOS version. One of the best games in that time! Beautiful animation with never-seen gameplay. Lots of traps and difficult tasks to perform make this game jewel no. Jordiet 0 point DOS version.

The best game ever! I love it! Dan 1 point DOS version. Goxon 0 point DOS version. The Prince of Persia games reminds me of those good old days. Very interesting epic adventure.

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