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View Screenshots 3. WinRadius Details. Downlozd on : Windows 10 Windows 8. You can download WinRadius which is WinRadius was released on and last dpwnload on our database on and is currently at version Thank you for downloading from SoftPaz! Your адрес страницы should start any moment now. It would be great if you could rate and share: Rate this software:.

Now you can try out this download winradius zip directly in your browser without download winradius zip or installing on your PC! WinRadius Description. It\’s easy to use, and can be used for telecommunication accounting platform, PPP authentication, accounting server. It\’s stable, full-functioned solution. WinRadius free version only supports 5 hours. If you need support more time, please choose purchase it. WinRadius Screenshots. Winradiua Software. Recently Wiinradius. Software Categories.

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Download winradius zip


Other routers and Cisco IOS versions can be used. See the Router Interface Summary Table at the end of the lab to determine which interface identifiers to use based on the equipment in the lab. Depending on the router model and Cisco IOS version, the commands available and output produced might vary from what is shown in this lab. Note: Before beginning, ensure that the routers and switches have been erased and have no startup configurations.

All steps should be performed on routers R1 and R3. Only steps 1, 2, 3 and 6 need to be performed on R2. The procedure for R1 is shown here as an example. Step 1: Cable the network as shown in the topology. Attach the devices as shown in the topology diagram, and then cable as necessary.

Step 2: Configure basic settings for each router. Configure host names as shown in the topology. Configure the interface IP addresses as shown in the IP addressing table.

Configure a clock rate for the routers with a DCE serial cable attached to their serial interfaces. To prevent the router from attempting to translate incorrectly entered commands as though they were host names, disable DNS lookup. Configure a static default route from R1 to R2 and from R3 to R2. Ping from R1 to R3.

If the pings are not successful, troubleshoot the basic device configurations before continuing. If you cannot ping but the device interfaces are up and IP addresses are correct, use the show run and show ip route commands to help identify routing protocol-related problems. Step 6: Save the basic running configuration for each router.

Step 7: Configure and encrypt passwords on R1 and R3. Note: Passwords in this task are set to a minimum of 10 characters but are relatively simple for the benefit of performing the lab.

More complex passwords are recommended in a production network. For this step, configure the same settings for R1 and R3. Router R1 is shown here as an example. Configure a minimum password length. Use the security passwords command to set a minimum password length of 10 characters.

R1 config security passwords min-length 10 b. Configure the enable secret password on both routers. R1 config enable algorithm-type scrypt secret cisco Step 8: Configure the basic console, auxiliary port, and vty lines.

Configure a console password and enable login for router R1. For additional security, the exec-timeout command causes the line to log out after 5 minutes of inactivity. The logging synchronous command prevents console messages from interrupting command entry.

Note: To avoid repetitive logins during this lab, the exec timeout can be set to 0 0, which prevents it from expiring.

However, this is not considered a good security practice. Configure a password for the aux port for router R1. R1 config line aux 0 R1 config-line password ciscoauxpass R1 config-line exec-timeout 5 0 R1 config-line login c. Configure the password on the vty lines for router R1. R1 config line vty 0 4 R1 config-line password ciscovtypass R1 config-line exec-timeout 5 0 R1 config-line login d. Encrypt the console, aux, and vty passwords. R1 config service password-encryption e.

Issue the show run command. Can you read the console, aux, and vty passwords? Step 9: Configure a login warning banner on routers R1 and R3. Configure a warning to unauthorized users using a message-of-the-day MOTD banner with the banner motd command. When a user connects to the router, the MOTD banner appears before the login prompt. If the banner does not appear correctly, re-create it using the banner motd command.

Step Save the basic configurations on all routers. Save the running configuration to the startup configuration from the privileged EXEC prompt. Perform all steps on R1 and R3.

The procedure for R1 is shown here. Step 1: Configure the local user database. Create a local user account with MD5 hashing to encrypt the password. R1 config username user01 algorithm-type scrypt secret user01pass b. Exit global configuration mode and display the running configuration. Set the console line to use the locally defined login usernames and passwords.

R1 config line console 0 R1 config-line login local b. Exit to the initial router screen that displays: R1 con0 is now available. Log in using the user01 account and password previously defined. What is the difference between logging in at the console now and previously?

After logging in, issue the show run command. Were you able to issue the command? Enter privileged EXEC mode using the enable command. Were you prompted for a password? Step 3: Test the new account by logging in from a Telnet session. Were you prompted for a user account? Set the vty lines to use the locally defined login accounts and configure the transport input command to allow Telnet.

R1 config line vty 0 4 R1 config-line login local R1 config-line transport input telnet R1 config-line exit d. Log in as user01 with a password of user01pass. What password did you use? For added security, set the aux port to use the locally defined login accounts.

R1 config line aux 0 R1 config-line login local h. End the Telnet session with the exit command. Step 4: Save the configuration on R1. R1 copy running-config startup-config Step 5: Perform steps 1 through 4 on R3 and save the configuration. R3 config username Admin01 privilege 15 algorithm-type scrypt secret Admin01pass b.

On R3, enable services with the global configuration aaa new-model command. Because you are implementing local authentication, use local authentication as the first method, and no authentication as the secondary method.

Recently Searched. Software Categories. Antivirus Authoring Tools Compression tools Desktop Enhancements File managers Internet Mobile Phone Tools Multimedia Network Tools Office tools Others Portable Programming Science CAD Click OK. You should see a message on the log screen that the user was added successfully. Step 4: Clear the log display. Step 5: Test the new user added using the WinRadius test utility. A WinRadius testing utility is included in the downloaded zip file.

Navigate to the folder where you unzipped the WinRadius. On the WinRadius log display, you should also see a message indicating that user RadUser was authenticated successfully. Close the RadiusTest application. Use the aaa new-model command in global configuration mode to enable AAA. R1 config aaa new-model Step 2: Configure the default login authentication list. If no RADIUS server can be reached and authentication cannot be performed, the router globally allows access without authentication.

R1 config aaa authentication login default group radius none You could alternatively configure local authentication as the backup authentication method instead. Note: If you do not set up a default login authentication list , you could get locked out of the router and need to use the password recovery procedure for your specific router.

The hostname parameter accepts either a host name or an IP address. R1 config radius-server host


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