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Finding games you can play offline probably isn\’t a high priority for most people. Your internet connection isn\’t something you give a lot of thought to until it stops working. And no amount of swearing at your router is going to get your connection back if there\’s an external fault which—much to my horror—is precisely what happened to me a few weeks ago.

My internet decided it needed an impromptu break—not just for an hour or so, but for three whole days. I couldn\’t work, I couldn\’t google random things that popped into my head that I wanted to know the answer to, and perhaps most devastatingly, I knew I wouldn\’t be able to take advantage of the unplanned time off and jump into Final Fantasy At first glance, games I already had downloaded didn\’t seem to hold a lot of promise for working offline, and I almost resigned myself to the fact that I might have to venture outside to find some sort of entertainment.

But before going to such extreme lengths, I decided to test which games would work in offline mode—and I was surprised. Valheim opens in new tab saved me for those few days, but there were certainly games that I wished I\’d had the foresight to download.

I mean, sure, your internet is probably fine right now, but there are other circumstances where offline games are useful: visiting friends and family with dodgy wifi, moving house and waiting for a new connection, even the classic example of plane flights now we can actually take them again. Whatever the reason, it\’s not a bad idea to make sure you have a couple of games installed that will work offline.

Luckily for you, I\’ve done the hard work—once my internet was back, I made it my mission to find out which games you can play without internet. Obviously, I couldn\’t test everything, but I\’ve tried to pick a variety that should help see you through any number of connection woes.

Most launchers have an offline mode, allowing you to start them without internet access, but even so, not all games will run if they don\’t have a connection. Most games will also need to be launched at least once with a connection present to work. It\’s also worth noting that for games that receive regular updates, make sure these have been downloaded and installed wherever possible to play them offline.

Even if you\’ve finished the main story, there\’s plenty of side stuff to keep any Viking busy. Hades opens in new tab Platform: Steam Something as simple as an internet connection—or lack of—is not going to stop the Immortal Prince of the Underworld. Good news if you fancy jumping into this fast-paced action roguelike. Final Fantasy The Zodiac Age opens in new tab Platform: Steam Final Fantasy 12 moved away from the turn-based combat of previous games and opted for the love-it-or-hate-it Gambit system.

Set in the world of Ivalice, you\’ll soon be taking on the Archadian Empire with Balthier, Fran, and others in an effort to save the world.

Valheim opens in new tab Platform: Steam This co-op survival game set in the Viking afterlife has loads to do, and you can play at the pace you choose. Obviously, the co-op won\’t work without an internet connection, but there\’s nothing to stop you from playing solo and living your best Viking afterlife.

While Path of Exile and Diablo 3 won\’t work offline, Grim Dawn allows you to smash demons in the face without a connection. Divinity: Original Sin 2 opens in new tab Platform: Steam If you\’ve never found the time to strike this from your backlog, now might be it. This vast, story-rich RPG should keep you busy for however long you need—though you might find it difficult to tear yourself away once you\’ve started.

The Witcher 3 opens in new tab Platform: You\’ll be pleased to know that there\’s no such thing as playing The Witcher 3 too many times. Crusader Kings 3 opens in new tab Platform: Paradox launcher You might have been put off playing this historical grand-strategy from Paradox because of its complexity, but if you\’ve got time to kill, it\’s well worth jumping into.

You\’ll be guiding your medieval dynasty through peasant revolts and Viking invasions in no time. Dishonored 2 opens in new tab Platform: Steam If you fancy your chances as a stealthy supernatural assassin, taking down targets in Dishonored 2 is a great way to pass the time.

Of course, you\’ll have to take monsters down without the help of friends, but if nothing else, it\’s an excellent way to vent some of that frustration at your connection woes. Stellaris opens in new tab Platform: Steam offline mode Like CK3—and pretty much any Paradox title—Stellaris has a pretty steep learning curve.

But once you\’re past that, mining planets for resources, fending off hostile fleets, and generally expanding your empire makes this space-based strategy game incredibly satisfying. In , she was offered a full-time position on the PC Gamer team where she takes every possible opportunity to talk about World of Warcraft and Elden Ring.

When not writing guides, most of her spare time is spent in Azeroth—though she\’s quite partial to JRPGs too. One of her fondest hopes is to one day play through the ending of Final Fantasy X without breaking down into a sobbing heap.

She probably has more wolves in Valheim than you. Sarah James opens in new tab. More features. See comments.



Best online games for pc without. 30 Best Online Games for PC You Can Play (Free and Paid)

Forge of Empires; Conqueror\’s Blade; Star Conflict; CRSED: F.O.A.D; Crossout; Neverwinter; Star Trek Online; Lost Ark; Magic: The Gathering. Another online game you can play on your PC, Fortnite is a massive survival game that includes a great battle royale mode. If you love battle.


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You can only pick one character to go through the game with, but the ending is mostly the same for both. Edward and his partner have to investigate the island, unveil secrets and confront abnormal creatures. In GUN , you venture the dangerous old west controlling Colton White as he seeks revenge on Thomas Macgruder for the killing of the guy who raised him when he was little. Instead of just sticking with the main objectives, the player can take on side quests that reward him with tools, money to upgrade and buy valuable items.

There are plenty of indie games that could work on your low-end PC, and Mark of the Ninja is one of them. The latter is a 2D side-scrolling stealth video game. You take control of a nameless ninja infiltrating bases, assassinating guards, and fulfilling his ninja tasks. The best thing about Mark of the Ninja is the art style and the appealing cutscenes that make it stand from other 2D side-scrollers. Mark of the Ninja is a great stealth video game. A game made by the bro force for the bros. From one corner, the pixel art graphics may not end up drawing players in immediately, but boy, the gameplay is the thing that will definitely do that.

Broforce is hilariously fun, giving you the complete freedom to obliterate anything that comes your way. You can also call your friend and have a blast together. The game mostly consists of a series of puzzles that the player must solve in order to progress further. The process of solving them is pretty unique in Portal as the player must teleport himself or the objects using a tool known as Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. This particular device is capable of creating inter-spatial portals between two flat planes which he can use to teleport inanimate objects or even teleport himself.

You have to experience the game to understand. Terraria is a sandbox adventure game where you get to explore the world, build and collect things, and chill with friends online. The game has sold over 35 million copies and has received generally positive reviews from gamers and critics alike. Despite all these years, Terraria still holds up both technically and visually. The game is brought to you by Monolith Productions, whose notable for superb games such as Blood, F.

NOFL2 is also a great forgotten game these days. Her story sees you confronting the international criminal organization H.

This time, she must thwart plans for the super-secret Soviet project. If it succeeds, that could bring the possibility of a third world war. Since the game is no longer sold in official stores, you can always download the game from the fan-made website that includes everything related to NOLF. Similar to Rayman 3 , Psychonauts is a 3D platformer that casts you in the mind of a young boy gifted with psychic abilities named Razputin.

Razputin delves deep into the minds of people as he helps them to overcome their anxiety and fear throughout the game. Inside the minds of these people, Razputin encounters unusual creatures and sceneries that no ordinary many can tackle. By helping others overcome their fears, Razputin acquires their help in order to progress further into the story. Its catchy atmosphere, memorable characters, and meticulously crafted environment are things that will be saved into your memories until your death.

Brought to you by the same people who made the Hitman franchise, Freedom Fighters was a groundbreaking title for its time. Unlike other third-person shooters for that era, Freedom Fighters went with a different approach. The latter blends shooting with a tactical command system similar to Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 where you order soldiers to either advance, defend, follow, or go on a full strike.

The story takes place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union has won world war 2 and took over New York City. The Americans have shown resistance to such dominance and are fighting relentlessly for their freedom.

Take up your arms, unite and fight together against the invaders. Previously, I talked about Burnout Paradise and the destruction physics along with the appealing graphics. Flatout 2 was released in and developed by Bugbear Entertainment. Notice how the company specializes in the making of racing games only? Perhaps that could be the reason why THQ Nordic acquired the company.

And who knows, we may see a revival of the franchise, soon. In FlatOut 2, your mission is to race and destroy anyone that comes near you. You earn points with each wrecked car you destroy, and as you progress further, you get the choose from a variety of cars. SWAT 4 is a first-person tactical shooter developed by the guys behind the Bioshock franchise, and the renowned System Shock 2.

Unlike typical first-person shooters where the player rushes into the scene blindly, in SWAT 4, you have to think twice before taking a step into a building. They know how to ambush you the moment you open a door. They know it all. You have to train yourself to be patient, command your troops with commands in order to capture the criminals or terrorists.

Meaning, taking cover and avoiding getting fired on is crucial to accomplish the mission. In Huntdown, you take on the role of a hunter who has to hunt his target and accomplish his duties. At first, the game is pretty easy, but as you progress, some bosses know to wipe the floor with you. The solution to overcome them is to get better. The action in Huntdown is over the top. The music is fantastic and engaging. The difficulty spike is quite noticeable too, but a game without a challenge is bland in my book.

Oh, and the best thing about Huntdown is the sarcastic quotes when blasting through waves of gangsters. Well, Cyber Shadow has got your back. If so, maybe you should steer clear from this one. The story puts you in the shoes of a cyborg ninja as he awakens from his slumber only to find that the world is in shambles. Well, there are some alternatives to try out until you can upgrade to a capable PC.

One of them is the Duke Nukem franchise. The latter is kind of forgotten lately, but not entirely dead as the fanbase is still yearning for a worthy revival suiting such an IP like Duke Nukem. In the Duke Nukem franchise, you take on the role of our humourous blondie wearing glasses as he shoots his way through waves of enemies for a living.

To fully experience Duke Nukem 3D, I recommend getting the eDuck32 Mod that will enable you to play at p, improve controls, and more. The mod is free and is made by the Duke Nukem fans. In case you have already played this one and loved it, you can give those mentioned games above a hit. Rockstar has been neglecting this fine game for almost a decade now, and despite fans pleading for a remaster, a sequel, or a remake, Rockstar seems to be on the other side of the spectrum.

Bully is set in the fictional town of Bullworth and casts you in the role of a reckless student named James Hopkins. He has been involuntarily ended up being enrolled at Bullworth Academy for a year. Instead of just being a criminal shooting people, or running over them using your van, in Bully, you get to be a student. You join classes such as English, Chemistry, Art, or even Sport.

In addition, you can accomplish a few side-quests, and the awards are quite fascinating. We can only hope that Bully may one day get revived by Rockstar from the dead. A game like this and Manhunt definitely deserve your time.

And a title that caused the stagnation of several genres such as platforming. If you like challenges and have a competitive spirit, then Tekken 7 is a must-have online pc game for you. However, this online PC game offers emphasis more of teamwork and strategy building than other shooting games. As players, you need to work in coordination to fight and win over your enemies. Ever since its launch in , the game has received multiple updates and added more content. Choose this strategy based campaign to conquer the fantasy world and expand your powers.

This single-player online PC game features Ms. Croft as its primary and only character. The game has everything to take on an adventurous journey but comes with extreme GPU, so ensure your PC is well equipped. Love driving supercars? Choose Forza Horizon 4 to enjoy the most celebrated automotive festival of all time. Challenge your competitors, and enjoy a dynamic and unforgettable driving experience with this incredible game.

It offers you a collection of more than cars, choose one to race on your favorite path. It is one of the best online games for PC that you can play. Limited health and ammo are the two main elements of the game which tie it together. If you like challenges, opt for its hardcore mode. Fortnite is one of the best online PC games that you can play. The game offers very interesting gameplay supporting amazing graphics that might interest you.

While paying you can easily harvest resources and build a structure that can help you in surviving the game. The game does not just require killing others but you need to use strategy for building new resources and using them.

You have to gather resources while playing the game which makes it unique and interesting. Overall the game is super exciting and has new addons which make it more interesting to play.

You can even find many Fortnite alternatives , so if you are bored of looking at the same graphics then you can play other similar games. Diablo 3 has been in the market for more than 8 years now.

The game despite being old never loses interest. It offers flashy combat feels which requires the gamer to be 10X more responsive than other games.

The game has single-player mode and party mode, you can choose any mode as both are very addictive. Each player gets their own loot which they will use for the rest of the game. The game keeps on getting an update with every new version which makes it one of the best games to play. You will never lose interest in this game that is confirmed.

Among Us is a great game which you can play with your whole group. The game can be played with four to fifteen players. Out of all the players, three will be randomly chosen as imposters in every round. Apart from this, the map will be chosen randomly out of the four maps. At the beginning of the game, crewmates will be given a task to complete on the particular map. The task can include fixing wires, maintenance, and downloading data like works.

On the other hand, the imposter is given fake tasks to help them blend with crewmates. Though the imposter cannot perform the task they can help other crewmates in the task. The end goal of the imposter is to kill crewmates. After each player is dead they become a ghost.

All in all, this is a great game that requires team effort and presence of mind. With the increasing popularity of the game, many other developers have also created Among Us alternatives. These are some of the best online games for PC that you can play right now.

However, few of them are absolutely free and some are paid ones. Check which one suits you the most to experience infinitive enjoyment and thrill. But, we guarantee that each of the games mentioned above has something unique to offer and can keep you entertained for the entire day.

And, do share your views on this through the comment box below. Lastly, do not forget to subscribe to our Newsletter to stay informed about every bit of technology. Sign me up for the newsletter! Published Date : Aug 25, Category : Games Top Table of Contents hide. World of Tanks. World of Warships. Star Trek Online.

Dragalia Lost. Pinball FX3. Guild Wars 2. Save The Bear. Downtown s Mafia. Throne Defender. Speed Boat Extreme Racing. Dragon City Destroyer. Fly My Dragon. Hearts Connect. Poly and Marble Maze. Wood Unblock Puzzle. Fruits Link Match 3. Little Shop City Lights. Combat Reloaded. Island Monster Offroad. Super Escape Masters. Popular Games: This Month. Classic Solitaire. Daily Hidden Object. Treasures of the Mystic Sea. Jewel Quest.

Tropical Merge. Bejeweled HD. Mahjong Quest. Solitaire Story Tripeaks 2. Solitaire Farm: Seasons. Word Wipe. Outspell Spelling. Yummy Tales 2. Mysterious Experience. Secrets of the Castle. RoundGames is your trusted partner for the best online gaming: Look no further. RoundGames is your trusted partner for the best online gaming. Continuously updated with new and free games to play. This infinite source of games will without a doubt have you coming back for more gaming fun. Enjoy a myriad of games from action-packed shooters, speed-of-light defying racing games, bridge-dangling adventures, to head-scratching puzzles.

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