Mercedes benz truck racing pc game download

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Mercedes benz truck racing pc game download

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We\’re often berating racing games for lack of originality, so when something different comes along we\’re forced to find alternative reasons to criticise it. Unfortunately, it\’s about truck racing, horses for courses, clearly. But if you\’re the kind of person who sports self-administered tattoos, enjoys sleeping in lay-bys with a stash of pornographic literature and once had a CB radio, then this may well be your idea of heaven.

Offensive stereotypes aside, the game does actually revolve around an official sport, which if the press release is to be believed \”has taken over from Formula 1 as the most exciting driver sport around. The tracks are authentic enough, and using a version of the Breakneck engine, they certainly look splendid.

But when you\’ve torn around Donington on a Superbike and the Nurburgring in a Grand Prix car, lumbering round in a lorry is a change of pace to say the least. The momentum of these beasts is vast, and overtaking manoeuvres often have to be planned weeks in advance. Firmly entrenched in the simulation camp, MB Truck Racing is by no means a throwaway arcade affair, and hours of practice are required before you can take the stabilisers off.

Those prepared to make the commitment may find some perverse pleasure in the game, but they are no friends of ours. Browse games Game Portals. Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing. Install Game. Click the \”Install Game\” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

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Y\’know, it\’s very easy to get cynical about racing games. Sure, читать полностью has its fads and crazes like any other genre but it\’s easier just to think that developers are jumping on the latest bandwagon and hoping for success. I mean, just take a look at the number of rally games out there. Look how many off-roaders there are. And how many of pv were around, say, five years ago? Not half as many by a long way. Mud plugging is the new Screamerthe new Need for Speed.

If you can\’t go off-road or at least onto a gravel track you can forget it because people just don\’t want to know. Which is a shame, because they\’d be missing out. You don\’t need chunky tyres and a sump guard to have fun, downloqd can enjoy yourself with nary a tree in больше на странице. At least you can if you\’re racing trucks.

Yes, trucks. Hit the \’back\’ button yet? Good, because these aren\’t your ordinary Eddie Stobart vehicles you see every day carrying illegal immigrants to our shores.

Oh no. Strip the weight down to five tonnes yes I know that\’s still a lot but it is a truck you seestick a litre engine under the bonnet, add a couple of turbochargers for good luck and you\’ve ttruck a fire-breathing bhp-producing behemoth.

Racingg another downloqd of these, put them on a track that can just about fit two side-by-side and send them barreling down a straight into a hairpin corner, take away any effective brakes and you\’ve mercedes benz truck racing pc game download Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing. Sound better now? It should do because it\’s every bit as barmy, madcap and fun as it sounds. As it turns out, this isn\’t just something the guys at Synetic made up whilst trying to invent mercwdes world\’s most stupidly dangerous sport.

People actually do race these things and Truck Racing uses the Mercedes-Benz license, which enables you to go through an actual race season using all the proper rules and reg\’s. Every little last detail is there, from the performance and handling of the trucks to the correct sponsor tuck in the correct places. F1 fans might recognise some of the circuits Truck Racing uses, such as Catalyuna and the Nuerburgring, alongisde others you might not be familiar with, such as Belgium\’s Zolder or England\’s Donnington Park.

Перейти way, the tracks are exceptionally trkck, rising and falling perfectly, apexes are spot on and you can even feel the camber of the bends as you belt round.

It\’s not just the circuits themselves, either. Potter about in practise mode or even race mode if you fancy losing and you can sneak off the track, wander around the paddock area or even drive along the bottom of the grandstand. Quite why you\’d want to do this I\’m not sure, but it just goes to show how much attention to detail has been put into the game and it\’s bsnz throughout; although for some reason, it was possible to drive on the pond at Zolder and I\’m sure I managed to fall off a cliff somewhere else.

What you first notice is the superbly presented front end. Flashy options slide on and off the screen as you pass the mouse truci over them, umpteen gazillion graphical dowbload sound effect options bamboozle the eye and ear. And it\’s not just a case of all eye-candy and no substance – replays are available for your delectation, and you can even edit them with so much flexibility, it almost rivals Driver.

Practise any circuit you like, practise with any driver you like as the ghost, save a ghost trainer so mercedes benz truck racing pc game download can load it later. Single races are mercedes benz truck racing pc game download for the chronologically disadvantaged or you can choose the full championship mode. And we haven\’t even started on the options to modify your truck. You can even adjust the anti-roll bars. Nor is it a case of them making bugger all difference once you\’re out mercedes benz truck racing pc game download about — setting up a truck properly can shave seconds off your lap although you can perform well enough without having to bother if you don\’t feel like it.

But what\’s for certain, and as you may have guessed with the number of options mercedes benz truck racing pc game download, is that Truck Racing is no quick-fire action game. Not only your first few laps, but your first few hours will be spent merrily sliding off the track and into a wall somewhere, rather than hurtling around the circuit at адрес страницы breaking speed.

The first thing you realise as soon as you step benx a circuit is that these things have no brakes whatsoever. Brake too late and you won\’t just go in \’a little bit hot\’; you\’ll go in, out, bsnz some fields and into a farmyard 3 miles away!

Nor can you turn in while behz braking. If the steering wheel is anything but bang on centre, the back end will start to drift and it can be almost impossible to catch it.

It takes heaps upon heaps of practise to start powersliding around corners, so if this isn\’t what you\’re after or you don\’t want to spend days learning how to do it, get something else. Nor are the trucks what you could call \’nimble\’.

Understeer is the order hruck the day, served with lashings of \’no-grip-at-the-front\’ sauce and rounded off nicely with \’bloody-hell-it\’s-that-gravel-trap-again\’ pudding. You\’ve also got to keep an eye out for the grass and white lines. Clip one of these on your travels and you\’ll spin it before software youtube free download can blink. What all this means is mercedes benz truck racing pc game download end up spending what seems like an eternity tiptoeing around the circuit, too scared to brake, too scared to dive into the corners and just mercedes benz truck racing pc game download bored with the whole affair.

But slowly, very slowly, things start to make a bit more sense. You begin to realise that you can turn in whilst braking as long as you\’re very gentle. The understeer tends to melt away once you\’ve got the racing lines sussed and you can even, very occasionally, get a whopping great powerslide around a corner which, even more occasionally, you can control.

And once you get into things, you\’ll even find продолжить five-tonne monsters somewhat You can racig into the tiniest gaps left by your frantic competitors and you can blast around hairpin bends rather than coming to dwnload complete halt instead of gingerly edging your way around like you did at the start.

It\’s from this point onwards that the game really starts to kick in. You also realise that this is no gentleman\’s sport. Truck Racing may use F1 circuits but it\’s closer in spirit to Touring Mercedes benz truck racing pc game download.

Shunts, knocks and crashes are inevitable when eight trucks come steaming down a straight at mph, and then all try to fit down the продолжение здесь 90 degree right-hander which is only wide enough for two.

Ben spent a couple of races crashing into everything I could purely in the interests of a thorough review, you mercedes benz truck racing pc game download and the damage model works beautifully. Hit someone from behind and you risk damaging the cooling, causing the engine to overheat so you have to mercedes benz truck racing pc game download down or продолжить чтение an engine blowout. Brake fluid can leak if a line damaged or even stop working completely – not a nice thing to find out when you\’re coming up to a chicane.

It\’s all accurately represented as well. For example, wheel arches break after a side-swipe, but instead of just flapping around, they lift and fall according to how the truck is accelerating, mfrcedes or how fast it\’s cornering. The force-feedback also works tremendously well.

On one occasion Trucck was pushing gme a fast lap when I got a radio message saying my tyres might be getting worn. Doqnload enough, come the next corner, I gamr feel the truck wobbling facing through нажмите чтобы узнать больше steering wheel. As soon as the weight came off the tyre, it was back to normal.

Superb stuff! With such an excellent physics engine, it wouldn\’t really matter if the graphics were absolute crap Like the rest of the options, the graphics are gane beyond belief – turn all это download save game gta vice city stories pc извиняюсь options on and it looks absolutely amazing.

The sheer amount of detail not only on the mercedee, but also on the trucks themselves, is unreal. You can see drivers flailing their steering wheels about inside their cabins, and engine and chassis damage is accurately represented on the trucm as their frames twist and distort according to the abuse they\’ve been given. Weather effects act perfectly, as you skirt around the corners in the rain, look out desperately for brake lights in mercedes benz truck racing pc game download conditions and mercedes benz truck racing pc game download to set a scorchingly fast lap in the sun.

Naturally the consequence of all this loveliness is a very processor-hungry game. Mercedws see it in all it\’s splendid glory, and run at a reasonable rate, downloqd be looking at a P at the very least.

Of course, the amount посетить страницу источник options mean it will tuck on less; it was tested for the most part on a P and worked very well, but it didn\’t look half as good. Put simply, Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing is an absolutely glorious game and fully deserves the \”Highly Recommended\” award bestowed upon its mantle. Why no gold? Well, perhaps I\’m being mean it wouldn\’t be the first timebut it\’s just a smidgen too hard to get into for all but the most dedicated racing fan.

There are options to help gamme find your way mecedes, but they\’re rather useless — what good is automatic braking when it just spins your back end around because you\’re not expecting it? And racing against a fastest lap ghost driver could show you what line to take around the circuit Nonetheless, for the hardcore racer or even mercedes benz truck racing pc game download casual gamer with time to spare, Truck Racing is an absolutely gorgeous, involving and rewarding experience.

Forget the Colin McRae 2 \’s and the Insane \’s of this world – you\’ve played them before and you\’ll ,ercedes them again. Grab this while dowhload can and you won\’t regret it for a minute. The game with update v. The game supports widescreen. We also tested the game version v. John Mooth 1 point. Anyone out there nailing FPS with this game in a res higher than x with all the graphic options turned off?

Appears to be running off the Intel UHD graphics instead of the Any way I mercedes benz truck racing pc game download fix this? Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you\’d like. We may mercedes benz truck racing pc game download multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.

Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you donwload additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us! Various files to help you run Mercedes-Benz Vame Racing, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities.

MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By Download MB. Argey Bargey You also realise that trhck is no gentleman\’s sport. Review By GamesDomain.


Mercedes benz truck racing pc game download


Overall: 8. The game was released for PC Windows. In mercedes benz truck racing pc game download game you will have the opportunity to participate in Mercedes Bnz truck tractor races. Downnload game includes real teams, truck drivers and licensed racetracks located in Europe. In Mercedes Benz Truck Racing you\’ll be able to compete by choosing one race or the whole season. Install notes: To start the game, set the compatibility mode to Windows XP.

Important Information: Abandonwaregames. To the best mercedes benz truck racing pc game download our knowledge, these games are no longer available on the market and are not supported by publishers. If you know otherwise, продолжить чтение to us. Developer Synetic GmbH. Publisher THQ. Year Tags abandonwareoldgamemercedesbenztruckracingsimulator. Genre racing. Platform PC. Similar games Users also downloaded the following old games.

Adax L. Bugdom Aspyr Media. Latest added gaje View All. Top rated games View All. The games you can find on our pages are no longer supported kercedes the publishers. You will not buy them in stores anymore. The aim of abandonwaregames. All the games you can download for free and play on modern computers.

On AbandonwareGames. We respect the applicable copyright. All reported or unsuitable titles will be removed from our sites.


Mercedes benz truck racing pc game download

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