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Regardless of which Mac or PC I own, I always try to find a way of making certain games work with them to continue the yearly tradition of playing them – GTA Hill Valley is one of them. There were ways to play as Superman in San Andreas or have cars from movies and TV shows such as Knight Rider for example, but Back to the Future is something I randomly saw on a forum.

The films are one of my all-time favorite series, and I was expecting this mod to simply be a reskin of the Deluxo car and nothing else. How wrong I was – and it\’s because of this that I\’m still playing it fifteen years on, and how much I hope for some more updates to come to it soon, way before GTA 6 arrives. There\’s multiple versions of the mod that feature different cars, trains and more, but 0.

You\’ll know it\’s worked when you\’re greeted with a different startup screen, and the main character, Tommy Vercetti is reskinned as Marty McFly. You\’re already thrown into a mission where you have to drive a Delorean to the trash tip in order to collect some plutonium.

The controls can be cumbersome as the options menu doesn\’t list how to control the time circuits, but CTRL and TAB are usually the go-tos for this mod.

When you exit the trash tip, the Libyans from the first film appear to destroy the time machine. You need to switch on the time circuits, go to 88MPH and go back to the future. And it\’s as fun as it sounds. However, that isn\’t the end of the mod. This also features the Deloreans from the other films, so you can press 5 for example with the Back to the Future Part 2 car, and it will switch to flying mode.

It\’s impressive in how seamless it goes from driving to flying, and you\’ll find yourself trying to time travel by switching to driving mode, high up in the air. There\’s also the Time Train from the finale of the third film, and while it\’s awkward to operate, it\’s still a great touch, and a funny scenario as you\’re trying to escape police helicopters around Miami Beach. One bonus is when the Delorean gets damaged. If you input a time and date and time travel, you\’re transported to what the mod calls, the \’nth dimension, where you can barely see through a multi-colored fog, and you need to go to a pay and spray to not only travel through time again, but back to Vice City.

Another is a DMC car that\’s unique to the mod, and while you can fly and time travel, you can also select any location when the car goes to 88 miles an hour, adding another side of fun too for when you\’re trying to outrun a five-star wanted level. There was also an update that\’s since been recalled, where you could reenact the finale of the first film, by driving the Delorean past the clocktower for the lightning to strike the time machine.

The team of Hill Valley has grown since I first played it in , and while the mod\’s website is barely updated, its forums and YouTube page tease a new update that will add Hill Valley to the Vice City map, such as the Clocktower and Twin Pines Mall, alongside custom missions to reflect the films and a better Delorean model.

In an age of the Steam Deck , Windows 11 and M2 Macs , it\’s getting increasingly challenging to get this working, as I\’ve been experiencing crashes every time I\’d try to load a save. However, it\’s the fun of traveling through time in Vice City that makes me go through the starting mission repeatedly.

It\’s a mod that brings two series together in a fun and innovative way, and regardless of being able to play part of this mod in GTA 4 and GTA 5 , it\’s Vice City that I always come back to, because it\’s the most fun and the most nostalgic to me. Daryl Baxter 20 hrs ago. Suspect in killings of Idaho college students arrested in Pennsylvania; authorities mum on motive. Load Error. Full screen. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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Gta vice city pc back to the future mod download


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Gta vice city pc back to the future mod download. Back to the Future: Hill Valley


It kept the same engine as GTA3but presented a stylish world of conflicting cultures ot criminality in dd windows free download totally tubular s Miami. Modding as a whole was still in its infancy back when Vice City came out. Check Out This Mod. Mods are all about changing the way the game plays. We can do better. This HD load screen uses only original artwork from Rockstar, restored from both official wallpapers and high-quality box art scans to gta vice city pc back to the future mod download an authentic Vice City aesthetic.

But why would you waste your time entering cheat codes when you can just set every cheat to a key on your keyboard? With it you can control the weather, replenish health clty armor, grant yourself awesome weapons, and even manage your Wanted level with a simple press of a button.

It adds many new visual effects, such as realistic blood splattering, and also improves others like water, gunshot flashes, and even the traces left by burnt tire rubber. One of my favorite features is the addition of clouds of smoke from both cars and weapons, which float up into the sky in a really organic manner. Not only do many games just run better on lower-end PCs this way, but it gives you a bit more freedom regarding which resolution you want to play in.

And anyone who just likes jumping between programs on the fly without the hassle inherent to fullscreen games. This nifty tool frees your game from its default 30fps cap so it can take full advantage of your modern gaming sonic and stars pc download and run in a fluid 60fps. Granted, this one is a bit harder to install. Luckily, modders have no such constraints. And their work can help make our favorite games considerably deeper.

New Vice City by modding group Modstar goes a long way towards a more realistic city vicee by introducing a fuel system for all vehicles. And you can call taxis to your location too. This tne a big overhaul! GTA: Vice City features a wealth of weapons to impose your superiority over other criminals and police forces. Complete with iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. Due to the unpredictable nature of fan-projects, yoshi gba download pc mod is still in development even after 10 years!

It brings together many mods covered in our ranking, such downliad the Widescreen Fix and Windowed Mode, along with some other tweaks to create an easy-to-install catch-all build.

Other than that it also restores several features present in the console hte of GTA: Vice Mos, such as rotating loading screens and much more. Perfect for pulling off stunts or just losing the cops fast. And what better to try out yta newly-installed NOS than with one of the coolest, fastest supercars from the last decade?

Speaking of customizing your Vice City experience, why not add an expansive wardrobe to express yourself through stylish threads? This mod by Rocky24pl introduces a functional wardrobe just like the one in Liberty City Stories, letting you change your looks whenever you feel compelled to. One of the most significant gameplay additions made by the super-famous GTAV is the possibility of playing in first-person, only possible in the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of the game.

The Vice City Mod Loader will gta vice city pc back to the future mod download you install and uninstall gta vice city pc back to the future mod download with a click of a button. It even lets you load certain mods while the game is already running and see the changes in mere moments.

Perfect for when you go mod-hunting and want to try stuff out efficiently. But it will let you pull off several cool tricks like handstands, rolling in different directions, and believe it or not, sitting on benches!

Creator Goin-god helps us get a more cohesive improved visual experience with his HD Tommy Vercetti model, which gives his entire body a more detailed look. Once taken, pictures are stored in JPG format for later perusing or sharing online or whatever you wanna do.

Way better основываясь на этих данных regular screenshots! Modder Ryadica is among them. It also lets you play through the entire campaign which is really massive. This mod will keep you busy for hours on end, guaranteed. It turns the entire game into a sort of old-school zombie flick like T of the Living Dead. Maybe not a жмите for everyone, but certainly some will enjoy it.

Especially for OG fans of the game. It even adds some new radio stations that more in line with the supernatural ambiance.

The US East Coast is gta vice city pc back to the future mod download to a diverse population with contrasting cultures and a lot of stories to tell. This massive overhaul by Swoorup brings together the bright Vice City and the dark, gritty landscape of Liberty City into a single playable map. It feels like a whole new game and in many ways it kind of is.

While many other mods attempt to bring together these iconic locations, this is definitely the most accomplished перейти на страницу. This fantastic mod brings several new visual effects to the Vice City engine, including reflections on metallic surfaces such as cars, and even the infamous cinematic lens flare. Easily the most famous GTA: Vice City mod gta vice city pc back to the future mod download to be the Silent Источник статьи, which fixes a stupidly long list of bugs overlooked by Rockstar, even after so many updates.

The patch, made by prolific modder Silent, also brings back several features only available on console, giving you the most complete Vice City experience.

But it brings the Vice City experience directly to the newest engine. Not only does it feature the entire VC map, but also the classic vehicles and the whole campaign. Now this will not be as reminiscent to anyone who played the original game back in читать статью Vice Cry 1. It improves textures and адрес страницы aspects massively to achieve a fantastic look that keeps the old-timey graphical charm without some fkture its most jarring elements.

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